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Cyclist suffers fracture two days after missing race at the finish line

Tobias Johannessen had a weekend to forget. After an early celebration that saw him literally lost at the finish line in the Classic Var, he had his bad luck confirmed in the Tour des Alpes Maritimes, where he suffered a fall that caused a broken collarbone.

After some promising results in Spain, the Uno-X Mobility cyclist faced a real run of bad luck in his quick stint in France. In just 48 hours, he suffered two major setbacks. ciclista tem fratura diagnosticada um dia apos perder prova na linha de chegada image 2
Johannessen unhappy with defeat

It is currently unknown when the 24-year-old will be able to return to competition, but all spring stage races and classics are at risk until his recovery is confirmed.

Johannessen confirmed with fracture

“Tobias Johannessen suffered a fall during today’s stage of the Tour of the Alpes-Maritimes and suffered a fractured collarbone, confirmed by X-rays at the Nice hospital in the evening,” the Norwegian team shared on their social media. “He has an appointment scheduled for tomorrow with a specialist to decide on the treatment plan. We appreciate your support for Tobias’ speedy recovery.” declared the team.

Uncertain return after accident

It is still too early to make any projections about the athlete’s return. Injuries like Johannessen’s require time to heal, and it is crucial not to rush the return as it can result in recurrences or long-term complications. It is expected that more information about the cyclist’s condition and an expected return date will be released after consultation with the specialist.

With the next races in question, Johannessen’s recovery is eagerly awaited by both his team members and fans of the sport. The hope is that the recovery will be quick and that he can return to competing at the highest level as soon as possible.

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