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About Us

The Cycling Tour belongs to the Caprara Network group (CNPJ 31950467000126). The team consists of journalists, designers, and developers. The company’s business address is: Avenida do Riacho, 733, Sala 301B, Torres (RS) – ZIP code: 95560-000, Brazil.

Editorial line
In all topics, the journalists at The Cycling Tour are instructed to answer the main basic questions regarding the traditional model of communication: what, who, when, where, how, and why. With this mission, the public can evaluate and draw their own conclusions about the topics.

Mission of The Cycling Tour
The mission of The Cycling Tour follows the principles of classical journalism. The facts are investigated impartially, without any political affiliation.

With the aim of providing the best clarification of the facts, the The Cycling Tour team is instructed to simplify communication in a way that facilitates understanding for all readers, regardless of their educational level. Technical terms are simplified, and information should reach the audience in the quickest, most objective, and simplest way possible.

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