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Giro D’Italia 2000 Standings: Winner, General Classification And Jerseys

The 2000 Giro d’Italia was the 83rd edition of this prestigious Italian cycling race, one of the three Grand Tours alongside the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España. Held from May 13 to June 4, 2000, it featured 22 stages and covered a total distance of around 3,871 kilometers.

Overall Winner: The overall winner of the 2000 Giro d’Italia was Stefano Garzelli, an Italian cyclist riding for the Mercatone Uno team. Garzelli emerged victorious, securing the coveted Maglia Rosa (Pink Jersey), which is awarded to the overall leader.

Key Stages: The race featured a mix of flat, hilly, and mountainous stages, offering a variety of challenges to the riders. One of the key mountain stages was Stage 15, which included several climbs in the Dolomites, a mountain range in northeastern Italy. This stage played a crucial role in shaping the general classification.

Controversy: The 2000 Giro d’Italia was not without controversy. In particular, there was controversy surrounding the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the sport during this era. While there were no major doping scandals during the race itself, the issue of doping cast a shadow over professional cycling during this time.

Overall, the 2000 Giro d’Italia was an exciting and memorable edition of the race, showcasing the talent and determination of the riders as they tackled challenging terrain across Italy.

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Giro D’Italia 2000 Standings: Winner, General Classification And Jerseys 2

Jersey Winners – 2000 Giro d’Italia

Maglia Rosa (Pink Jersey): The overall leader of the general classification wears the Maglia Rosa. Stefano Garzelli of Italy won the Maglia Rosa as the overall winner of the 2000 Giro d’Italia.

Maglia Ciclamino (Cyclamen Jersey): This jersey is awarded to the leader of the points classification, often won by sprinters. In 2000, the Maglia Ciclamino was won by Dimitri Konyshev, from Russia.

Maglia Verde (Green Jersey): The leader of the mountains classification wears the Maglia Verde. In 2000, this jersey was won by Francesco Casagrande of Italy.

These jerseys represent different achievements and are highly coveted by riders participating in the Giro d’Italia.

Overall Ranking – 2000 Giro d’Italia

These were the top 10 riders of the 2000 Giro d’Italia, based on the final general classification:

  1. Stefano Garzelli (Italy) – Winner
  2. Francesco Casagrande (Italy)
  3. Gilberto Simoni (Italy)
  4. Andrea Noè (Italy)
  5. Pavel Tonkov (Russia)
  6. Hernán Buenahora (Colombia)
  7. Wladimir Belli (Italy)
  8. José Luis Rubiera (Spain)
  9. Serhiy Honchar (Ukraine)
  10. Leonardo Piepoli (Italy)

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