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Former captain accuses World Tour team of intimidation and public humiliation

In a shocking turn of events, French pro Nacer Bouhanni recently revealed he has retired from the sport, citing a “reshaping” of his life and career. Bouhanni spoke candidly to French newspaper L’Équipe about his decision to retire, claiming he was ready for a fresh start.

The 33-year-old former cyclist confessed that he was dealing not only with physical problems, but also described his time on the Cofidis team as a phase of “psychological intimidation”. In an interview, Bouhanni stated that the pressures of his professional career and the animosity within the team caused him to fall into a state of disgust and resentment towards cycling. ex capitao acusa equipe do world tour de intimidacao e humilhacao publica image 2
Bouhanni in his turbulent time at Cofidis

Problems on the Cofidis team

According to Bouhanni, his time at the Cofidis team (2015-2019), where he was captain and main sprinter, was marked by a hostile environment, which involved relentless pressure and a turbulent relationship with the team leader, Cédric Vasseur.

“It was all or nothing, especially at Cofidis, under Vasseur’s leadership. I became a victim of psychological intimidation, in the form of public humiliation and constant arguments. I really started to hate cycling.”

In 2019, Bouhanni decided to change teams and joined Arkéa-Samsic, where he managed to recover his performance and achieved some successes. However, 2022 marked a turning point in his career when he suffered a major accident at the Tour of Turkey. ex capitao acusa equipe do world tour de intimidacao e humilhacao publica image 3

Consequences of the Tour of Türkiye

Involved in a serious accident during the 2022 Tour of Turkey, which was inadvertently caused by a physically disabled passerby, Bouhanni was forced to endure a long recovery period. Today, almost two years after the incident, he is still struggling with the lasting effects of the accident.

“I still go to the physical therapist every week and I need to get another MRI because my neck hasn’t fully recovered yet,” Bouhanni said. He also mentioned that he started a legal battle against the organizers of the Tour of Turkey, claiming that the accident forced him to retire prematurely at the age of 33, when he could still have competed for at least another three years. ex capitao acusa equipe do world tour de intimidacao e humilhacao publica image
Bouhanni suffered serious injuries in the accident

In addition to the harsh physical consequences of the accident, Bouhanni claims that he was never the same cyclist again. The dread and insecurity that had never previously affected his career overwhelmed him, making his rides filled with anxiety and fear.

Although his retirement was marked by a bitter farewell to cycling, Bouhanni says he sees the event not as the end of his career, but the beginning of a new journey. “When athletes retire, they talk as if someone has died. But I’m alive! For me, it is not the end, but a rebirth,” he concluded. ex capitao acusa equipe do world tour de intimidacao e humilhacao publica image 1
Cyclist spent 3 months with a neck brace after the accident

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