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The UAE Team Emirates has finalized its roster for 2024. Here is the complete lineup for the team

UAE Team Emirates is gearing up for the upcoming cycling season, featuring a roster of thirty cyclists. Colombian sprinter Álvaro Hodeg and New Zealand cyclist Michael Vink, who patiently awaited the team’s final decision, will finally have the opportunity to compete for the Middle Eastern team in 2024.

“The cohesion within our team, both among the riders and the staff members, is invaluable to us,” describes General Manager Mauro Gianetti in a press statement. “We believe it’s important for talented individuals to shine with us. As a team, it’s crucial for us to continue the success of the past years.” uae team emirates anuncia duas contratacoes e fecha a equipe para 2024 image
Mauro Gianetti during COP 28 in Dubai

Tadej Pogacar continues as the main leader

The team’s main man is, of course, Tadej Pogacar, the two-time Tour de France winner and the athlete who secured no less than 17 victories last season. However, the UAE Team Emirates has even more top athletes, including Adam Yates, Juan Ayuso, João Almeida, Marc Hirschi, Tim Wellens, Marc Soler, Brandon McNulty, and Juan Sebastián Molano.

Check out the complete team for 2024:

Riders 2024:

  • João Almeida (Portugal)
  • Igor Arrieta (Spain)
  • Juan Ayuso (Spain)
  • Filippo Baroncini (Italy)
  • Sjoerd Bax (Netherlands)
  • Mikkel Bjerg (Denmark)
  • Jan Christen (Switzerland)
  • Alessandro Covi (Italy)
  • Isaac Del Toro (Mexico)
  • Finn Fisher-Black (New Zealand)
  • Felix Großschartner (Germany)
  • Marc Hirschi (Switzerland)
  • Alvaro Hodeg (Colombia)
  • Vegard Stake Laengen (Norway)
  • Rafał Majka (Poland)
  • Brandon McNulty (USA)
  • Juan Sebastián Molano (Colombia)
  • António Morgado (Portugal)
  • Domen Novak (Slovenia)
  • Ivo Oliveira (Portugal)
  • Rui Oliveira (Portugal)
  • Tadej Pogačar (Slovenia)
  • Nils Politt (Germany)
  • Pavel Sivakov (Russia)
  • Marc Soler (Spain)
  • Diego Ulissi (Italy)
  • Jay Vine (Australia)
  • Michael Vink (New Zealand)
  • Tim Wellens (Belgium)
  • Adam Yates (Great Britain)

Sports Directors:

  • Fabio Baldato (Italy)
  • Fabrizio Guidi (Italy)
  • Andrej Hauptman (Slovenia)
  • Tomas Gil (Venezuela)
  • Marco Marcato (Italy)
  • Marco Marzano (Italy)
  • Manuele Mori (Italy)
  • Simone Pedrazzini (Switzerland)
  • Jan Polanc (Slovenia/Generation Z)
  • Yousif Mirza (United Arab Emirates/Generation Z)
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