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【亚搏官方链接】建业召开第一阶段总结会 王上源:若在自己效力时降级是一种耻辱

The Mid-Autumn Festival moon was full. On the evening of October 2, Hu Baosen, Chairman of China Construction Industry Group hosted a banquet at Tianzhu International Apartment. Together with all the members of the first team, he summarized the gains and losses of the first stage, put forward requirements and hopes for the second stage, and shared Everyone wished the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.

中秋节满月。 10月2日晚,中国建筑工业集团董事长胡宝森在天柱国际公寓举行宴会。他与第一小组的所有成员一道总结了第一阶段的得失,提出了第二阶段的要求和希望,并与大家共同祝愿国庆节和中秋节。

At the beginning of the summary meeting, a short video takes you back to the unforgettable moments of the first phase of the 2020 season of Henan Jianye in the Super League, hope, passion, gratitude, failure, frustration, growth... the happiness when scoring goals, the frustration when being captured, Some have been infected by fans thousands of miles away, and others have been hotly searched and scolded by fans.


Ivo: I believe the team will complete the task under the leadership of the new coach


As the captain of the team and the "birthday star" of the day, Ivo took the lead to speak on behalf of the players. He said that it has always been a great honor to represent Henan Jianye. Although the overall performance of the team in the first stage was poor, the captain firmly believes that all players will go all out to defend the glory of the club, and that the team will complete the goals and tasks under the leadership of the new coaching team and surpass for victory.


Wang Shangyuan: It would be a shame to be demoted while playing for himself


As a representative of domestic players, Wang Shangyuan said that the first stage was very frustrated and unwilling. The difficulties ha亚搏官方链接ve passed. With the arrival of the new coaching team, the team will also have a new beginning. As long as everyone works hard, as a united whole, they will be able to accomplish their goals in the next game. If you experience relegation during the team, this is a shame. Players will never let Jianye downgrade.


Zhou Dingyang: We must unite and look forward


Zhou Dingyang believes that the team did have a lot of problems in the past, but now is not the time to struggle. Today is a new beginning. We must unite and look forward. As long as the players and staff work together, the team will be able to achieve its goals.


Coaching staff: the first stage did not fully demonstrate the strength of the team


As the new head coach of the team, Mr. Havel thanked the chairman Hu Baosen for their trust and introduced the responsibilities and characteristics of the three coaching staff, Mark, Augustine and Alexander. At the same time, Havel believes that Jianye's performance in the first stage did not fully demonstrate the strength of the team, so hard work is needed to complete the rebound and surpass. Compared with skills and tactics, Havel believes that a united team atmosphere is more important, and everyone in the first team must have a sense of responsibility and honor.


Hu Dong: I believe you will prove your worth with victory


Chairman Hu Baosen first expressed his welcome to the coaching team headed by Havel and the club's vice president Chen Ming on behalf of Jianye Group. He said: The coaching staff is brave, responsible and responsible for joining Jianye when the club is in difficulty.


Chairman Hu Baosen said that the coaching staff in the first stage was responsible and the players worked hard, but still faced a lot of difficulties and pressure. Jianye Football is the "three firsts" in the history of Chinese professional football. First, Jianye is the only club that has not changed investors and sponsors since the 26-year professionalization of Chinese football; second, Jianye is the only football that has played in the fourth division of the AFC, Chinese Super League, Chinese Premier League and Chinese Second Division. The club; third, the team has experienced relegation three times, but three times came back in the second year. The reason for such "three firsts" is that Jianye has always maintained the spirit of "tenacious, hard-working, unyielding, and hardworking", because Jianye is not fighting for Jianye, but for the 100 million Henan people.


Confidence comes from unity, and confidence will generate new impetus. Whether it is Wu Yan, Wang Shangyuan, Ivo, Bassogo, the team has many very powerful players. Today is a new beginning; in the future, everyone will use victory to prove today's choice.


Chairman Hu Baosen made two requests to everyone. First, strengthen communication and timely communication. Mr. Chen and Mr. Havel took over the team midway. In order to make up for their lack of understanding of the team, each player must give feedback to the coaching staff of the problems and suggestions they see. Second, club management should pay more at亚搏官方链接tention to details, and make clubs develop in a more professional and professional direction through detailed management. The management of details is a kind of consciousness and a kind of ability.


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